Oscar Nominations 2004

Oscar nominations are out today, and no great surprises there if you caught the Globes. What I noticed immediately while going over the list was my prediction was correct: Destino is in the running for Best Animated Short. Competition in that category is meager these days, but to be fair Destino is a solid entry, even if I didn’t care for it myself.

Everyone’s eyes will be on the animated feature category, where only three entries made it in this year: Brother Bear, Finding Nemo and Triplettes of Belleville. I expected this, and it was an easy prediction, that those that vote for what they don’t understand and is therefore art would end up duking it out with the rest of us. Already Ebert and Roper, two of my least favorite people on television, have made their case for “Triplettes”. I did enjoy “Triplettes”, as I said in a previous entry, but Nemo amazed me, and Pixar is more than deserving. Noticeably absent is Sinbad, though not undeservedly so in my own opinion. Brother Bear enjoys a nomination it has a very small chance of turning into Oscar gold, and as I’m not putting much faith in Home on the Range, it looks as if Disney traditional animation will fade into the night without ever having won an Academy Award for one of their features. Incredible, unbelievable irony.

And one particular note to Roper, who said last night on the O’Reilly Factor that conservatives are not creative: You might want to put some salve on that bias, Jack.

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