Comedy Underground

For the first time in a long time, we did pratically nothing this weekend. Of course that’s relative, mostly that means I didn’t have to leave town and return to work exhausted on Monday. One thing I did catch was the Comedy Underground on Friday, where Rod Long performed a terrific routine with a local flavor.

It’s settled that we will be speaking at the June 18th Cartoonist Northwest meeting. That will be at 7:00 at the School of Visual Concepts, you can get more information about how to get to the college on the club’s website. We’re always in Room 2004, which is right up the scary elevator to the second floor. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend, it is free. We’re looking for a few good attendees! I’ve got some mumbo jumbo to talk about, and I hear that if I’m really lucky I’ll get a VCR/TV to present with.

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