The Day After Dodgeball

The June 18th speaking engagement went really well, despite a malfunctioning VCR that prevented us from showing any of our animation work from Primal Screen. Not a tremendous loss. I tried to focus on being informative instead of droning on with my biography. My bio is not thrilling, unless you’ve never worked in animation above a television level if at all, and Scooter and Ferret hasn’t been around long enough to qualify as a success story. At least the meeting was a succes story, and I appreciate everyone who came up afterward to tell me how much they enjoyed it.

Did you see Michael Moore’s latest docu-dreamworld? Why did you waste your money? This review by Christopher Hitchens sums up the movie for me, but you really have to have been following Moore for awhile to fully appreciate what a slimeball he is. And you gave him more money, didn’t you? What were you thinking?

What was I thinking when I went to see The Day After Tomorrow at the drive-in? Only the open air of the drive-in could have made me want to sit through this movie without walking out. I have to ask, when the wolves get out of the zoo during the first storm, where are they hiding when New York floods then freezes over? Are they hiding in a different library? I don’t know that much about the weather and I still know the events in this movie are a joke. Fortunately it was double-featured with Dodgeball, intentionally a joke, which surprised me by making me laugh.

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