Moore Offends and Comics Bore

For starters, proof once again that Michael Moore should be given credibility by no one. I hate phonies, don’t you? I have to admit I laughed a good long hearty one when I heard about this. He just can’t stop himself from hurting the ones he loves. After he was finished stepping all over Pete Townsend and taking advantage of Ray Bradbury, a personal hero of mine, he tries to makes Tom Daschle look like a weepy idiot. Good job, Michael, you’re a real class act.

Second, if newspaper strips haven’t already bored you away from them, read this article. It says all there it to say about the state they’re in. The interesting part; editors take no responsibility. Surprised? Be extra surprised at this fuzzy math: although there are fewer spaces for new strips than ever, submitted strips have more opportunities than ever. Having trouble figuring that one out? Join the club.

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