Napoleon Dynamite

I’m really glad to finally get an updated version of the Scooter and Ferret website online. The focus of our little venture has really veered away from where it began. We started with a comic strip we thought would be a nice draw to the site while the comic book was in development. We surprised ourselves by putting all of our time and energy into it, and other people surprised us by getting excited about what we were doing. My biggest frustration was having to hold off many developments I’ve always had in the works for these characters because this or that scene was going into the book. Some stories were conflicting, and some characters were added that I never expected to put in the book. This is a much better direction for us and for Scooter and Ferret.

I’d like to encourage everyone to go see a movie I caught this weekend that literally made me slap my knee. I’ve never slapped my knee. I thought that was a cliche, not something that would happen when a movie is just that funny. Napoleon Dynamite is absolutely hysterical. I’ve never laughed so long and so consistently throughout a movie as I did Saturday night. If you are within 50 miles of a theater showing this movie, it’s worth the drive.

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