Rob McKenna

When I started this blog I was putting up a new entry every day, but I was also working at Microsoft and bored out of my skull. Plus the strip was in its early development and there were a lot of exciting things to talk about concerning it. Now that we’re more in the grind of creating new strips, there are a lot fewer things we can give away on a whim.

The Lynden Fair was almost terrific, but bad weather ruined a lot of people’s weekend afternoon. We watched soggy dairy princesses sit in wagons being pulled through knee-deep mud by teams of draft horses, and none of them looked pleased to be there. We had our second run-in with Rob McKenna at the Republican booth, and once again I was impressed by his warmth and his sincere interest in people; he remembered meeting us a couple of weeks before and even some of the details we gave him about ourselves. A very solid candidate for Attorney General, and enough reason for me to get out and go to the September primary.

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