Father of the Pride

It was one of those kind of weeks as our server went down for roughly three days for Scooter and Ferret, four days for the Animation Closet. The only parts of AC that I regularly update are the Links page and the Ball Blog, so my memory was failing me as I tried to figure out which portfolio sections were old and which were vital to a complete site. Even now, I have nagging suspicions that broken links are hiding in unexpected places. I hope that if anyone finds said sneaky little 404 errors that they will contact my very tired self.

Getting back to animation news, I’ve put off making any comments about Father of the Pride in favor of other news. I did sit down to watch it not long ago, and I couldn’t make it through an entire episode. I understand that most of the content is again made outside of the United States, but that aside, I can’t understand the thinking behind this show. I saw approximately twenty minutes of the program, and there were at least three sexual innuendos that made me extremely uncomfortable. The humor is adult, and perhaps it is a bit disturbing that much of its audience would probably be children. Bothersome as that is, what really made me cringe was that it was coming from animal characters. In my brief session I was treated to two meerkats having a heavy make-out session and a lion warning two warthogs that excessive steroid use could shrink their genitals. If I never have to think about warthog crotches again it will be too soon.

It’s hard to think that the weird vibe going on in this cartoon is not going to turn off the typical television viewer; someone who more than likely needs serious convincing before he will give an animated show a chance. I’m going to predict that this show will not last long, despite having some very nice production values.

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