What Am I Listening To

Ok, I’m off the Oscars. Time for something else. I work all day at Trendwest updating their two websites, Trendwest and WorldMark the Club. I have my headphones on all day long, and just for fun, I’m going to let you in on some of what I’m listening to.

I stream radio constantly. If it’s music I’m looking for, I have a membership to MSN Radio. There’s a station mix that emulates 96.5 K-Rock, which is what I usually tune to, but if you’re considering joining up be forewarned that it’s repetitive. Even more repetitive than regular radio. AccuRadio is the next place I go if I’m tired of hard rock. They have a great Broadway station (when I’m not listening to metal I have Broadway on, go figure). Something new I’ve discovered is Andy Savage’s Seattle Sounds, and it’s absolutely a godsend. For all the times I’ve been listening in the car and wishing they’d play some of the local rock bands, this station is the answer. If I really want to get geeky, I go over to Live365; it’s a collection of stations run by individuals off their computers, and my favorites list includes goth rock, Disney park audio, Muppets songs and mystery plays.

I like to keep up with the news during the day. Two options for that, KTKZ Sacramento and 870 KRLA.

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