That's the Last of That Car

Just after my little white Mitsubishi was outfitted with a new front and rear from a crunch between two cars on I-405, I was in yet another wreck on Sunday. The SUV in front of me came to a stop that was sudden enough that although I had enough time to halt I checked the rear view mirror. I had enough time to realize the car behind me wasn’t slowing down at all and say “Oh no…” before getting slammed by a massive impact followed by an even bigger one as I hit the SUV in front of me. When it was over I could see smoke coming out of the hood and something smelled like it was burning, so I bailed fast and ended up on the grass by the road sobbing like a little girl. I figured out after awhile that the pain in my arm was a bruise from the air bag and some impacted fingernails, nothing serious. Strange enough, although the two women in front of me didn’t take much damage to their vehicle, they went to the hospital in an ambulance. We had the whole circus there, cops, firetrucks, rescue vehicles. Turns out the guy behind me had some brakes that weren’t working very well… my car is completely totalled. The back bumper was torn completely off, the trunk is concave and the front is a mess. Ah, it’s a beautiful life… I have no idea who he was, and he’ll probably never read this, but I would like to say thanks to the volunteer firefighter who was first on the scene, called in the accident and brought me out of my daze. He disappeared before I could say it in person.

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