Hay Fever Real Fever

It’s spring in Washington and you know what that means—I’m laid up with a sinus infection. I thought I could avoid it this year, as watery eyes and repeated sneezing are my usual clues that allergies had arrived. But no, this year the allergies were sneaky. By Saturday I noticed a sore throat, and by Sunday I was becoming aware during a club meeting that things were getting worse, not better. I could practically schedule this sick day every year. But hope springs eternal, and my optimistic side keeps thinking that with each season I will get more accustomed to the floral culprit and eventually grow immune to its insidious influence. For now I will be in bed with tea and honey. At least I will be soon, as my meds are presently keeping me wired through the wee hours of the morning. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the appearance of Q-bert in this strip as much as I did.

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