You Listen to Me, Doc

This has not been my week. I’ve been in and out of work due to illness and it happened like this… I decided to try out a doctor close to home this time around. Now far be it from me to be one of those annoying people that knows better than their doctor, but I’ve been getting sinus infections at least twice a year since I was 7. I think I know what it feels like. The new doc and I had an argument over this, me on the side of what I’m used to, him telling me that I had a virus and it’s not the policy of northwestern doctors to prescribe antibiotics on the first visit. That didn’t ring right, but the best part was when he looked at me like I was a nutjob and said we would have to figure out why I was associating taking antibiotics with getting better when I felt like this. I guess I was basing that on how I actually do get better when I have a sinus infection and take antibiotics twice every year, go figure. So I struggled through a couple of days of work until I realized I was getting worse. Recalling that an untreated infection once led to bronchitis, I saw another doctor who took one look at me and prescribed, what do you know, antibiotics. Such is my happy saga, and I’m now on the road to recovery.

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