Hanging Out with Your Betters

On Brian Basset’s advice, we’re trying out producing the originals at a smaller size. Within hours I’ll be on the plane to Indiana to speak at Indiana University’s VisionFest student animation festival. Getting the chance to meet John Canemaker would be honor enough, and getting the chance to speak in the same series of lectures with him is pretty terrific. I have a lot of his books, and I will have them on hand for an autograph. I plan to put a full report together to be posted on the Cartoonists Northwest website and of course, I will be taking pictures.

Meanwhile, we’re preparing for the team’s trip to Indiana this week for our VisionFest presentation. I’ve known about this speaking engagement since last summer, but in my typical style I’m only just now getting the notes down on paper. In a few days I will be presenting a talk on internet animation not only to the students and faculty of Indiana University, but also to Eric Radomski, co-director of Mask of the Phantasm, and John Canemaker, notable animation historian. We will be small potatoes amongst some very big spuds, but no-name as I may be I do have a lot of experience in this field. If you’re going to be in the area, this should be worth seeing.

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