VisionFest 2005

What an incredible weekend! We put together a nice presentation for the students and judged a 2D animation competition that included a lot of talent. I got to spend a lot of time with some friends I don’t get to see often enough, author Durwin Talon and the incomparable Brian Ludwick. But I also got something I never expected; a lot of bonding time with some of the most respected people in the entertainment industry. We networked with some terrific artists from Blue Sky, NASA, games and television, and we traded jokes with Matt Wagner (Mage) and Bob Shreck (DC Batman editor). Most incredible of all, I found myself at one point showing John Canemaker my pre-production for my short! It was a life changing experience. When Mr. Canemaker says you should make something, is it even possible to say no? VisionFest was unforgettable, and I hope it continues to be an annual success.

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