Self-Publishing with Unshelved

We had a great evening on Monday hanging out with Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum of Unshelved. The purpose of the get-together was to pick up some pointers on self-publishing, and we gleaned quite a bit of useful information from them. No one knows better how to take an internet property and translate that into book sales, merchandise and the center of a rabid fanbase than these guys. If you’ve never read the strip, you might be surprised how well a story primarily set inside of a library can translate to those of us who have never worked in one. Dewey and the rest of the cast of characters experience many of the same conflicts as a person might run into in retail. Fortune smiled on them when they decided to tap into a market that was untouched and hungry for something of their own, and they’ve been rewarded with loyalty and praise from a surprisingly large number of people who are in fact, librarians, among many others.

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