Too Far From Work

I’m having all kinds of frustrating problems at home with my internet connection. Without boring you all with the details, let’s just say that what once networked no longer will, what previously printed now can’t, and the internet status drops in and out like a nosey neighbor. My streaming music is at this very moment telling me it can’t connect to this or that song at random. I’m starting to find all kinds of new reasons to get out of the area I’m living in and try something different for awhile. Somewhere closer to my daytime job maybe? If you’ve ever experienced the 9th level of Hades that is 405 in Seattle you understand what it’s like to face the prospect of getting on it every morning. I compete with the employees making their way to Microsoft every day, and I was even one of them for a few months. I encourage more people to do what I do: carpool, carpool, carpool!

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