Spokane is Smoking

I was prepared for my trip to the lagoon pool, with cowboy hat, bikini and thongs in tow, but not prepared for just how cold a pool can be in 96 degree heat. Swimming in that thing was like asking for a cardiac arrest. Still it was an altogether refreshing trip to Spokane this weekend with an excellent side excursion to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho. I should have some pictures up soon enough, maybe even this afternoon if I can get to it. Spokane surprised me by being hot, picturesque and full of things to do, and the hotel served up some memorable banana daquiries. Even better, the huckleberry cheesecake. But Idaho shocked me by being even hotter, even more beautiful and darn-right Texas-like for the sheer number of bronzed bodies showing themselves off. I made sure to stop off and grab a few shots of my company’s Arrow Point resort, one nice place.

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