Locked Away with the Controller

John Lennon had his lost weekend, I have what I call my “Lost Week.” My last year in college my roommate and I moved into an apartment complex that she was going to be at for another year, while I was on my last quarter and would leave in just a few months. Therefore I didn’t get much say in what complex we picked, and she picked a place that was roomy enough but a complete dive otherwise. I didn’t like being around the people there, so when my roommate left for home for the summer I had one week before my boyfriend at the time was coming back from his parents house. Completely alone, I decided to stock up the refridgerator and not leave my apartment for an entire seven days. I spent that week playing Final Fantasy 7 from the moment I got up until I collapsed exhausted on the couch that night. I’m ordinarily a very casual game player and the circumstances were unusual, I’ve never done anything like that since.

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