Ferrets at my Feet

I’ve gotten some complaints that I mention my cats but fail to mention my ferrets. I have two, Ginger and Alaska. I adopted them from some friends who had a full house with no room for them anymore. They’re about six years old, which is very old in ferret years, and they don’t do very much. Ginger is the dumbest being in my household. Everytime I give her a raisin she turns around to take it somewhere and smacks into a wall. Alaska has a little more pep, by that I mean she has made it a life mission to eventually take every stuffed animal on the bed in the guest room and hide it underneath it. Being old, she has had only marginal success with that. That pretty much covers my ferrets. I would also like to mention that my family is anxiously awaiting the landfall of Hurricane Katrina along the Gulf. A great-uncle in Gulfport is particularly at risk, so prayers appreciated.

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