It's Getting Closer to Con

In honor of this week’s event, we will be re-running the Communist Peas for three days. What is this week’s event? Spawns of Insomnia and Comics Biography Theater is finally upon us. Spawns of Insomnia is a 24-hour event that will feature artists drawing entire 24 page comic books before they can go home to bed. Scott and I are scheduled for Sunday beginning at 10 am. Comics Biography Theater features artists drawing one-page comics stories submitted by con-goers. I’m scheduled to do that on Saturday, and I’m also scheduled for some panels. It’s all going to take place under the banner of Cascadia Con, a science-fiction convention being held at the Seattle Airport Hilton and Conference Center, this Thursday through Monday, the 1-5 of September. Scooter and Ferret will have a table and we’ll be selling our first compilation book. If you’re local and you love this strip, make sure and come by to see both us and our fellow area talents. On one final note, I’ve gotten word that my Gulfport relatives weathered the storm just fine, although a tree did fall on their house.

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