Up All Night

This shouldn’t be too shocking for anyone following my updates, but the reason this strip is coming a day late would be the 24-hour comic creating marathon Scott and I participated in on Sunday, Spawns of Insomnia at Cascadia Con. We started at 11:30 Sunday morning and went full guns until the next morning. The convention day passed by without my even noticing it, I took a break for dinner around 9 and when I came back the convention hall across from our tables was hosting karoake. We were subjected to, er, were serenaded by that until around 1, and after that things quieted down and some people fell asleep. I discovered that Steve Gallacci gets pretty silly late at night but it must have worn him out, he spent a portion of the evening out cold under his desk. We were the last set of artists to go and all the pages were collected. I’m proud to say that I finished all 24 of my pages, an autobiographical look at my first year in college. Scott got his blue pencils done and I have to tell you now this is a story that must be published. The Communist Pea saga surprised everyone by being a hugely entertaining yarn at 24 pages, which my basic plot is the glue for, but the humor and outrageous puns Scott added is what really makes it work. Col. Maize vs. Pea Progresso and his loveable sidekick Hormel? Plans are going forward to publish it as a one-shot. More on the con in the next update.

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