We Need More Chicken Judging

This weekend was spent working on freelance projects and setting one day aside to go to the Puyallup Fair. The fair is the one time per year that I will eat a corn dog, and I look forward to that when I go. My friends went to watch the rodeo and saw cowboys fall off of bulls while we did the 4-H exhibits, including a junior jazz dance recital that really killed me. Other than that, the fair highlights are mainly scones, a few worthwhile rides and a pig litter. I am personally fond of strolling through collections, especially the ones that leave you scratching your head and wondering why anyone would collect that. Like “things with the Pope on it” and “stuff inside of bottles.” My friend Tracy likes chickens, so we spent quite awhile hanging around the poultry barn. Who knew there were so many varieties of ducks? And is there anyone interested in finding out? My favorite “how goofy is that” ride is the children’s canoes, a slow-moving journey on water (billed as a “Rapid River”) that travels through teepees while playing “It’s a Small World” on speaker. Great stuff.

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