Weekend in the Orchards

We’re presenting for CWAC this weekend in Wenatchee, the eastern Washington chapter of Cartoonists Northwest. They don’t have a website unfortunately, and I believe the number of members isn’t very large—Wenatchee isn’t a very big town. I do really enjoy going over the mountains into the eastern side however, and this is the heart of apple season in Washington. Our host, Dan McConnell, is an apple orcharder in addition to a cartoonist and this will be the closest I’ve ever gotten to a real Washington apple orchard in Cashmere. I’m anticipating returning from this event with enough apples to last me through November. When the air gets crisp up here you can store your apples on your porch and they’ll stay good for weeks. There have been some fatal rock slides in the passes lately so the ride over and back may be a little treacherous.

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