Good Pears

Our CWAC presentation went off without a hitch, and though the turnout was small as expected the intimate setting made it very conversational and personal. It was a highlight meeting Dean Ball, owner of Galaxy Comics in Wenatchee for 19 years. Dan McConnell and his wife Ann have a country farmhouse in the middle of 13 acres of apple and pear orchards, and the weekend was like being treated to a sunny vacation. I was wrong about apple season, it was a little early for apples, this is actually harvest time for pears. Crates and crates of Anjou pears were going to cold storage where they’ll ripen some before hitting the grocery stores. We came home with a large bag of Boschs, which apparently like to ripen together. A very big thanks to the McConnells for hosting us with homemade apple muffins and a comfortable loft.

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