Review by Digital Strips

Well we sure got a surprise email yesterday. Digital Strips wrote us to say that they reviewed our comic for their weekly podcast. Not being as up in the webcomics community as some of my friends, I didn’t know what they were talking about, but a quick look at their site shows that this is a pretty big deal. I do feel honored, especially since it was such a positive review. You can listen for yourself, Scooter and Ferret is reviewed first then two other comics. It was a relief to hear how much they were enjoying the writing, but the big glaring thing I took out of it: because we only archive our past three months, they were under the impression that we are only three months old. Gah! Can’t have people making that mistake. Ok, so it’s official, my policy is now completely reversed. All of the strips are now archived. If you hit that button above that says First it will take you straight back to the very first strip we ever put online. And yow, I am going to have to do something about those first few weeks when I was still using Comic Sans. The archive page has also been updated to more accurately reflect the 150 or so strips we’ve created; take a journey and see how Scooter got Ed, how Ferret met the Macadamian Squirrels, and why Scooter is the webmaster of the “Web of Weird.” To wrap up previous concerns, minor damage to my parents and grandmother’s house, no injuries.

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