Nightmare at Beaver Lake

My schedule is going to be really screwy all the way through Halloween night this year. I volunteered to help my buddy Scott Alan perform in Sammamish at Nightmare at Beaver Lake. He’s the star attraction Chuckles the Clown, where as I am whatever is needed female-wise. Tonight that was Witch #1, complete with hat, broom and cauldron. For the first two hours Witch #2 and I were extremely lame. Everyone was just getting done wandering through the woods and meeting up with vampires, werewolves and ghost pirates, so we weren’t even rating a second glance. Until we figured out a system. I would draw the attention of the patrons by talking to them, telling them things like “Become a witch like me! All you have to do is sell your soul… it’s not like you were using it!” Meanwhile Witch #2 would lurk behind a tree and pop out cackling from behind them. It was surprisingly effective. I’ll be back on the trail Saturday, Sunday and Monday at the times on the website if anyone feels like checking this out.

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