Gypsy Queen

Being Halloween, tonight is my last night at Nightmare at Beaver Lake. I’ve been cast now two nights as the gypsy fortune teller which they tell me is a very natural performance. I sit under my tent until a group gets closer, then come out and warn them about the dark creatures howling on the path ahead. That would be the werewolves stationed on the trail just past our camp. The first night my supporting cast was not enthused about their casting, but last night I had two new gypsies who did a great job, and there was another person wrapped in a sack pretending to be tied up who called to people to run or be beaten. We’re not really a scary area but even I gave out a few frights last night. My favorite was three eleven-year-old girls who were holding on to each other like a Bark’s drawing of Donald’s nephews in a haunted house. As I warned them about the dangers ahead they looked at me with pitiful eyes, trembled and made a “Oh-oh-oh” sound. Great stuff. Happy Halloween everyone!

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