Dress Shopping

The weekend was primarily devoted to catching up with the local friends that we didn’t see over vacation. I also went out on Saturday and picked up a dress for the office Christmas party that looks fantastic (similar to this one in black), and saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the second time. I shoud get all of my freelance done on Friday more often. The Alderwood Mall is usually something I avoid this time of year, but this year I ended up there two days in a row. Men take note that Macy’s provides televised football outside of their dressing rooms to watch while you wait. We also got all of the Christmas decorations up and realized we can’t find our tree topper again. I swear this happens every year and I’m not buying a new one this time. But it’s good to get these things out of the way, so maybe I’ll be less inclined to leave the decorations up until February next year.

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