Gopher Catch in Dutch

My stats led me to a website the other day that posted a picture of the Gopher Catch game alongside the following badly translated text: The dog Scooter is within squat of the garden of Freddy the fret. The dog digs out the complete garden. It starts with flowers and rafters but where will it finish? Freddy the fret cannot leave this event and tried put order on matter by catching everything. The game actually does start with flowers, although no rafters are involved that I know of, but the main thing that sticks out is they named the ferret. Freddy? Where did “Freddy” come from? There is no Freddy. Ferret’s name is “Ferret” in case anyone wasn’t clear on that. And it’s a good thing too, because there are a few people out there who keep mistaking him for a cat.

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