Seattle is an Old Place

Over the weekend I went along with some friends on a tour of haunted Seattle (be wary before clicking—bad midi music ahoy). I was not aware that Ted Bundy’s rented room was in town, the place where he was living while carrying out his infamous career as a serial killer. And of course, it’s still for rent. Living in Kent, I’m right next door to Lake Fennwick Park, where a number of bodies were buried by the prolific serial killer Gary Ridgeway. Why Seattle was home to not one but two of the worst serial murderers of all time may give one pause, but no real answers come to mind. Jake’s tour was a fascinating look at old Seattle, worth doing if you’re ever out this way, but set aside an evening because it took every bit of the three hours it was scheduled for to wind our way through Queen Anne, First Street, Georgetown and Capitol Hill.

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