Winter Solstice Tree

Before you scoff, I know someone in Seattle who’s company is calling their tree the “Holiday Winter Solstice Tree.” We just got this year’s Scooter and Ferret Christmas cards made, I printed out fifty last night. The paper jammed three times when I tried to print ten at a time so I had to print in sets of 5 and hang around by the printer in case it jammed again. I plan to send just regular Christmas cards this year from my house, these cards are for the in-laws’ accounting business. There’s too much going on to spend another evening sitting by the printer, especially when King Kong opens today, the Trendwest ball is coming up on Saturday and by Sunday I’ll be in Vegas for three days. I’ve never stayed at the Luxor before and I’m really excited about it, plus I’m a big Food Network watcher and we made reservations with my parents for Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill. Unbelievably expensive restaurant, but likely to be worth it. Well, trips to Vegas don’t happen everyday.

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