How About That Boat Captain

 went to see King Kong on the 14th as I mentioned before. I was at a disadvantage already because I never cared much for the King Kong story… The movie was pure adventure story, always has been basically a B adventure movie, and no question it had some of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen on film. The local reviewer complained that it was long and could have done with a few less dinosaurs, personally I thought it could have included plenty more dinosaurs and dispensed with trying to tug on my heartstrings. As believable as Kong was as a giant gorilla, I never quite connected with Ann’s relationship with it. To me it just seemed like she cried a lot. I also went in to the theater expecting to be thrilled by Adrian Brody and ended up a lot more impressed with the boat captain, who repeatedly saved the day on the island of monsters and angry natives like a pistol-toting Indiana Jones. It’s hands-down the best version of King Kong you will ever witness, but its still King Kong. See all you on Wednesday when we come back from casino land.

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