Keep Vegas

After wrapping up my second time vacationing in Las Vegas I have learned something: it’s not really for me. I don’t really gamble. The first time I put down a five dollar bill and get nothing in return I’ve lost interest. The shopping, as a whole, is prohibitively expensive. And I was there with my parents who do enjoy playing slots, so there were plenty of times when we were left to kill time and had some trouble finding a way to do it other than standing around. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t several things we found to do that I absolutely loved. The Luxor was a beautiful room no question, and that was a highlight, though it was too bad it was winter as the very attractive pool was closed. New York, New York, Paris and The Venetian all had some interesting theming to look at. I had a hokey good time wandering through the four floors of M&M World and watching their silly 3-D movie, and had a very goofy good time eating one night at the Hilton’s Star Trek Experience, where all the items on the menu have a space name and Klingons greet you at your table. The best part of the trip was Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, where everything from the barbecued duck bluecorn pancake to the pumpkin tamales was heavenly. And I got a taste of old Vegas by catching the comedy act at the Riviera, with featured comedian Johnny Dark (who was very funny by the way). It’s great to be back in time to enjoy Christmas at home of course.

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