The Year in Retrospect

Good things and bad things have happened this year, but most of the good things involved this strip. We just passed the 200th strip milestone the other day and the schedule went up to three days a week. The first compilation book got made in a limited run, and we sold out of that initial small order after two conventions and sales at two comic book stores. We spoke at VisionFest and met some people who are legends in the comics and animation field. We helped pull off Spawns of Insomnia with Cartoonists Northwest, the biggest Spawns ever with tons of participating artists, a sponsor and a charity. We were reviewed by Digitial Strips and saw an immediate boost in readership. And next year there are even bigger things on the horizon. This is Cartoonists Northwest’s 25th anniversary for the Toonies. We’re signed up for Artist’s Alley at this year’s Emerald Con. We’ll be ordering a larger number of books which will go for sale online. And though I don’t know if we’ve signed up for it yet, we have every intention of going to San Diego Con this time around. Thanks everyone for being supportive and entertained this year, Scooter and Ferret and Maridee have lots of adventures left to go on.

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