Cold and Gray

Very sad happenings for this weekend… The friends that we were planning to visit over the long weekend lost a family member, so we won’t be able to stay with them as planned. I was looking forward to seeing them again. It might have been a struggle to get over the mountains to eastern Washington where they live, the news has been reporting snowfalls over the mountain pass, and of course we’ve had nothing but rain here in Seattle for most of the month. The lakes and rivers are getting high, very high, some people are bound to get flooded soon. Most of my time since I returned to Washington has not lived up to that idea that Seattle is wet and dreary, but this winter has been a different story. I’m cold and damp, the sky is gray and it’s too rainy to walk outside. I’m not usually one for talking about the weather, but I’m looking forward to a long weekend here and wondering if it would be so bad to just hole up again, rather than fight the elements. One things for sure, another storyline is closing and its time to write some more strips.

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