Comics Sherpa

The laptop is a couple of years old and the processing is completely breaking down, but there’s nothing actually wrong with the hardware that I can find. I’ll be working on that today so I don’t think that will be a lengthy interruption. New strips are still coming via this website, but also by something new we’ve just joined. Scooter and Ferret is now part of Comics Sherpa. It has some nice features and looks like a good way to give ourselves some more exposure. As soon as we joined we got some nice notes from a new reader who liked us a lot and an old regular who was thrilled to see us join the Sherpa community. I really like Sherpa’s archiving system, although being able to upload a max of 10 strips at a time was a little annoying. But what’s great about Sherpa is it’s an affordable price for advertising connected to a very big comics site. So I’ll try it out for awhile and see what it does for us.

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