Hand Lettering

Scott has been practicing his lettering and finally handed me something yesterday that was not only written nicely (he has terrific handwriting) but also inked well. We’ve been having some trouble with inking the lettering so it doesn’t come out thin and inconsistent. Continuing to follow the Pixar and Disney news, the 3-D animation unit at Disney called Circle 7 that Eisner created to make sequels to Pixar movies is being shut down. Already heavily into pre-prduction on “Toy Story 3,” the article warns of layoffs and some artists moving to other areas. Some people may not have heard that Eisner was doing that, first claiming sequels weren’t under Pixar’s control and then moving vigorously ahead with a third toy movie when Pixar and Disney split. In my own news, I’m sending off another CD with some fixes to our New York printer this weekend. We should have books in time for Emerald City Con, and enough of them to start up a humble online store. We’re also considering T-shirts in a very small order.

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