Disney World for the Uninitiated

I’m back from one of the most productive business trips I’ve ever been on. It was so productive that my supervisor gave me and the go-getter that I supervise a day off to enjoy the parks. Jason had never been to Disney World before so we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom, and that completely dissolved all of his worries that Disney is for kids. He got the biggest kick of all out of the first ride we hit, the Philharmagic 3-D show, so we saw it twice. Between all of the fast-passing we managed to get on just about everything we wanted to see. This was also my very first time getting escorted from a broken ride. Our boat got stuck at the edge of a waterfall in the Pirates of the Caribbean; castmembers came out to examine it, the lights went on, and eventually they led us all off through the back way and gave us complimentary fast-passes. We did get to complete it later in the day. It was an odd afternoon of a lot of things breaking down among other curiousities like watching our Jungle Cruise guide forget to look where he was going and slam our boat into the one ahead of us. Having been a castmember for awhile myself I knew where the fun things to do at night were, so after dinner at Spoodles I tried out the Blue Zoo at the Dolphin, karaoke at the Swan and a brief stopover in Jellyrolls at the Boardwalk. I’m glad to see Scott was able to keep things rolling while I was gone and its great to be home again. I missed the artist and it looks like his schedule went haywire without me here to keep the routine.

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