Figure Skating Addiction

My mother is really addicted to figure skating. Not in that fair-weather way that some people are, when they glue themselves to the television during the Olympics then forget about it for the rest of the year. No, she watches all year long. She’s a championships watcher, somebody that follows the skaters from start to finish and has a long memory for the history of who gave what performance where. By extension, I know an unusual amount of information about figure skating and it’s weird cousin, ice dancing, and even snapped a shot of the wax figures of Torvill and Dean for my mother at Madame Tussauds in London. So of course I’ve been watching skating on the Olympics this year. I know everyone is very excited about Sasha Cohen right now, but I always seem to be rooting for one of her rivals. Last time around it was Sarah Hughes, but this time I’ve got fingers crossed for Irina Slutskaya. This is her third Olympics, she’s skating better than ever and then there’s that odd thing, she looks a lot like me. It’s kind of uncanny. I would like to see my figure skating doppelganger get the gold this time around, especially since their skating career is usually over by her age (she’s three years younger than I am). If you missed them, the short programs were terrific last night, and I like this new rule allowing the women to wear pants.

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