Shamrocks to Yourself

Another weekend is here and I am overloaded with work. But fortunately this is a weekend when I don’t seem to have as many social obligations. I do have a CNW meeting, those always seem to sneak up on me, and they can really take up a Saturday too. Once again I forgot to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, but the grandfatherly VP in the office across from me graciously handed out green arm bands this morning. I work in an office where you can really use pinch protection sometimes if you know what I mean. We got the proofs back from the printer for the books yesterday and I am so excited you can’t imagine. That pixelation we were getting on the interior is officially corrected. A friend asked me how I adjusted for that and I never got back to him. What I actually did was print out all of my pages on the inkjet and scan those in as line art. That’s it, problem solved. They got some new equipment though and it made the cover a little less brilliant than it was before, as is typical with ink, extra red in the printing made the flesh tones nicer but the background blue more of a gray. Whatever, I’m just happy for the clean interiors!

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