Merchandising is a Lot of Work

Preparations for Emerald City Con prevented the artist from finishing the one he’s working on. Looks like it will run Friday. But I can finally get excited about this upcoming convention because OUR BOOKS ARE HERE! The digitizing in the interior is gone, that I fixed myself, but a lot of people noticed that the last proof had some offset margins. I pointed that out to the printer and to my astonishment they actually corrected them. So not only do we have books, we have books that don’t have anything wrong with them. It seems impossible to believe, but wait, there’re more! The T-shirts will be ready today, with both regular fits and women’s fitted, featuring Scooter in two colors saying “There’s drama on the internet!” The wonderful folks at Blue Rhino Graphics are producing these and as the vendors for a friend of ours, I know they do a terrific job for a very comfortable price. I will be printing out some more greeting cards, this time featuring Ed being sarcastic because people seem to like that. And the cherry on top, we got some buttons made dirt cheap and fast as lightening. They have a Macadamian Squirrel and Pea Progresso of the Communist Peas on them, and they will go out free to whoever buys a shirt or a book. We got a 100 buttons but I have a feeling they will run out quickly. Now that these things have gotten done, I can try out putting them up for sale on the website after the con. That won’t be anymore complicated than Paypal at first. We went out and celebrated over a meal last night, in honor of the stress our publisher put us through by not being overly responsive to email. Looks like a surprise happy ending!

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