Shirt Sizes

t’s the day before Emerald City Con and all is a lot more well than it has been with past conventions. The cards were printed last night, finalizing the last items up for sale this year. There’s a new card featuring Ed being insulting, which I did a little differently by doing full color on the character instead of spot. I tried on the women’s fitted T-shirt and you bet I will be wearing that, it looks terrific. It’s not too tight or too large, so women should be able to get a good idea about fitting into it based on how I look in it. As I was looking through our books I found the section of strips based on last year’s convention, reminding me that the last time we did this all we had was a sign-up sheet and some cards. Now with shirts, books, buttons and an expanded card line it makes a lot more sense to have reserved a space. On a final note, this is a transitionary weekend for me as I will be turning 30 on Sunday. I’m very excited about this, as I tend to look younger than I am and could use the digits to prove I’d had some experience. Spending my birthday at a convention isn’t exactly how I would have planned that out, but some things can’t be helped, and I could use the sitting around time this weekend to write more strips. If you can make it I’ll see you there!

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