Wash Your Mouth Out

Friends of ours were in town to meet their son at the airport, so we went out with them to Verazzano’s in Federal Way. The view from that restaurant is spectacular, the kind of thing you like to show off to people from eastern Washington to remind yourself why you don’t live on the cheaper side. Well it’s actually work that keeps us away from the cheaper side, but the view is a nice benefit. I can’t decide if everything I get at this pricey Italian place is good or they just have really good Chianti, because one glass really went to my head fast. And I can’t remember anything we talked about. I do remember that the bathrooms have a large bottle of Scope in them and that’s neat. Scope but not soap. And I remember that we committed our Dryden friends to go river rafting with us this summer. You’re not getting out of it guys!

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