Stranded by the Drive-In

Just as I was about to write this, my travel mug went through some weird physics and sent large amounts of burning hot coffee flying into my mouth. Now my mouth is scorched. I thought you all should know that, so you can imagine what that must have been like and share in my pain. It’s warmer weather up here you guys, and those of you who were following the strip last spring and summer know that I am really into drive-in movies. Tonight I was hoping to make this the first drive-in night of the season, but the choices are so bad I’m not sure now. Does anyone really want to see a movie with Robin Williams in it anymore? That may mean movie rental night at our place. With the hopes that tomorrow there will be time to start looking for a car to trade in the Jeep with. Yes, that burdensome Jeep is finally getting to be too much trouble to bother with, too much gas and too much age. My weekend may ber well be spent at car lots. Enjoy yours!

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