We Have a Tiny Show for You Tonight

The Olympia Comics Festival is not a very big show, but what I really enjoyed about it was its focus on independent press. Seeing new talent you wouldn’t normally find out about is always a treat. Also a treat was seeing Olympia again after a long absence of maybe 21 years. Not that I remember it all that well, but I don’t think it looked much different. I’ve heard they try to keep it that way, the downtown has a lot of renovated historical buildings. The show was small without a ton of foot traffic, but we still managed to sell enough books and t-shirts to make a profit. We also got a sizeable number of new sign-ups, so welcome new subscribers! There is an archive in case you’re lost. As usual I got to meet many new people and hear some wonderful compliments. To the folks who asked if more cards are available from the website, here is the place where you can order them. Tonight we’ve got free tickets to a Mariners game given to us by friends, so it’s time to lie back a little after so much business this weekend.

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