Mazda Which

Scott was obsessed with researching cars last week. By the time we were on the lots Friday evening I had heard everything about how great the Mazda 3 was. So when we ended up at University Mazda and found out the Mazda 3 was being sold there at the price we were looking for, my mind was already made up. Except… they were selling the Mazda 6 at the same price. So we test drove the 3, and it was great, zippy on the road and terrific gas mileage and all. Noisy on the freeway and uncomfortable seats though. But after I tried the 6, there was no going back to the 3. I loved driving that car. By the time the whole process was done I had been at the dealership for four hours two days in a row. And there was a major wrench in the deal that came out of nowhere: when the Jeep was registered in the state of Washington it was BRANDED on the title! They claim the odometer was rolled back! Since the car was bought new and no one I know could roll back an odometer if they tried, this is obviously a mistake. Scott will have to go to the DMV on Tuesday and get them to fix their error. That should be tricky, they changed my name from “Georgia” to “George” when they registered my Mitsubishi Mirage and never would fix that, even when I was standing right in front of them with a driver’s license and a clearly feminine body type. But everything still managed to go through, and bottom line is the Jeep is gone and I have a red Mazda 6 in the parking lot. This is the first time I’ve gone through the car buying process and came to the end of it feeling like I got something practical, that is a good value, and oh yeah, pretty cool. The dealership was supportive and helpful during this sometimes difficult process and I recommend them highly.

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