Taking a Sidestep

Today is the day we get the car back from having its coating put on and its casette player installed, then head up north to go and see Whistler, British Columbia for the very first time. I’ve worked for Trendwest for over two years but I’ve never gotten to use any of our resorts. That’s because new employees are given three free nights as a benefit; we can also book nights for cash (instead of timeshare credits), but I wanted to use that free stay first. Following all of the requirements in order to use it was tough, it can be hard to find three open nights, and you can only book it 48 hours in advance to use this stay as an employee. I finally found something that all came together. I seem to remember from my childhood that staying in condos can be very, very nice. And as I’m the website designer, I’ve seen all of the pictures of this place, so I’m anticipating this eagerly. That’s three days we’ll be out, so expect a rerun on Monday that will arrive late.

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