South Seattle

A friend of mine had me over to see her new apartment not far from where I’m living now. It was quite the quirky place. I told her she was now literally a cat on a hot tin roof, as the outside was entirely covered in tin siding. It’s over a garage deep in the woods, next to a goat pen, and that’s in no way a bad thing. There’s a lot of talk amongst people I know about moving right now. Some other friends are quickly having to find a place in 30 days after their landlord decided he wanted the property back. And I’m in the middle of the same, the new car is taken care of so it’s time to start looking around for the new home. This would be the first time I’ve bought and the Seattle market is expensive. Still, seriously considering the area I live in now, even though it’s a really long commute to work. The papers up here have been promising a lot of new construction and aside from how that’s good for property values, it’s just exciting. Plans include a waterpark, though I’m not positive where that would go. We’re going to a party on Saturday that surrounds a goofy play about high school. We’re supposed to show up in high school costumes, so I’m thinking about going as a mopey artist. That’s what I was in high school.

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