Capital Hill High Drama

It’s hot! Dad-gum HOT! I know, this is Seattle, how can this place be hot, it always rains here right? No, a well-kept secret is that Seattle is known in weather circles as being a tremendous summer place. Hardly a drop of rain and rare humidity with temps running around 79. The downside to this is rare A/C in any homes. Thus, when we do have a hot streak like right now when it can get up to the 90’s for a few days, you REALLY feel it indoors with no A/C — just fans that blow more hot air on you. To make matters worse, it’s also heavy allergy season right this moment for grass pollens. So you have a choice, shut yourself up with windows closed and pressure cook ; literally, or open all the windows and take in that lovely pollen-soaked dry air -like mace in the face. Heck! you know it’s hot when the pets stop eating!

On another note, we went to a play downtown called Capital Hill High. It was kind of a mess; the director dedicated the performance to the memory of recently-deceased Aaron Spelling, but I’m not sure that even the “Lord of High School Angst” would have approved. There were so many characters to follow, tons of subplots, people were having trouble keeping track of it all. After the show the theatre became a massive dance party, and the big screen played scenes from high school horror movies such as Carrie.

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