Update on the Illness

Guest Blogger Scott:

I had mentioned in the last update about Georgia being sick, and since then she took a turn for the worse which led to the both of us spending Wednesday night at the Emergency Room of the local hospital. What led to this was Georgia’s throat closing up to where she had a really hard time breathing. It is a very unpleasant experience to see one that you love in a hospital with tubes sticking out of their arm and in a comatose state. At first, they were going to send us home again directly but they decided to go ahead and take an x-ray of Georgia’s throat which led to a more troubling discovery that they weren’t sure how to diagnose. This required a series of IV’s and blood tests and a phone call in the middle of the night to a throat specialist which is where we spent the morning. All this turned out to be a very severe sinus infection that led to laryngitis. Georgia’s home now and still very sick and very weak, but hopefully improving for the first time in a week. I, meanwhile, have been trying to balance duties of nurse and animator. I agreed to take on a last-minute project to assist in an animated commercial spot. Unfortunately, only our readers in Europe are going to see this one. The result of all this is another rerun to go with Wednesday’s and rather erratic postings. Hang in everybody. We’ll be getting back to new strips soon. Georgia’s been writing the beginning of Ferret’s adventured at his new job, and they are turning out great! Thanks again to everyone’s responses about our call for feedback. I will get back to you soon. Promise.

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