Me on TV

You may remember that I mentioned I have been invited to participate in a reality show on shopping. So, Romy and I went down to the Westlake Mall in downtown Seattle to get a feel for where we’ll be doing our initial filming tomorrow morning. Because we’re going to be comparing retail stores with their outlet mall equivalents, we ended up at some places I rarely frequent, like the Gap. After we meet up tomorrow, we’ll have an hour at Westlake before we move on to the Tulalip Outlets, camera crew in tow. I admit I’m getting a little nervous, mainly about looking decent on camera and not saying anything stupid. I know this is a small show for Canadian Broadcasting, but I still don’t want it to play like an episode of “The Simple Life,” with my “Nicole” to Romy’s “Paris Hilton”. Stay tuned for Monday to hear how it all turns out.

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